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in that moment of grace

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The Open Pan
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This community has monthly updates for the writing journals of someplacetobe.

Updates are usually at the beginning of each month for the previous month (an update for March will be posted on April 1, for example).

There are also the occasional updates particular only to this community that will advertise what’s going on at the writing journals (eg: a poll) or to advertise other communities for a good cause (like the New Zealand earthquake, as an example).


You are more than welcome to friend this community. If friending this commnity, be aware that this is not a personal journal. You are more than welcome to join, or watch. If only interested in the individual journals, feel free to friend them as this community only currently has monthly updates with regards to what’s posted at those journals.


1. No spamming; such comments will be deleted.
2. Discussion is welcomed. Flaming is not.
3. If looking for a certain update, tags and memories are used.
4. Respect the rules of this community and others who comment. Not everyone will share the same opinion.
5. Derogatory comments will be deleted, no exception.

profile code: gossymer @ noveltybox
journal layout: artphilia

Slight edits to the profile code made by someplacetobe